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If You Could Suggest Only One Element of Success, It Would Be…

If You Could Suggest Only One Element of Success, It Would Be…

So, I got one of those emails from a reader that asked 50 questions that all started with: “If you Could Only Have One [insert 50 different tools here] What Would it Be?” I’m about halfway through the list and when its done, I will let you know where its located… One of the questions however, was very tricky… yet surprisingly simple. If I could suggest just one element of success for someone just starting out, what would... [ more]

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Tao, a loyal developer from the days of BANS and the person who has taken it upon himself to provide the fixes each time there have been RSS or other feed changes lately, asked me about reviewing a copy of a new WordPress plugin he developed. Since I am pretty far away from these types of product sites... [ more]

Its been awhile since my last post… and we have been just as busy as we could be! I’m sure many of you heard by now about the latest Google Farmer aka Panda update, which Google claims will effect more than 12% of ALL search queries! (that’s a very big number) Along with the Farmer... [ more]


Ever since the Mayday update last year, there has been a lot of complaints about low quality search in Google and a wide rise in reported spam. Matt Cutts announced last week that Google has approved a change in the search results algo that discounts low quality content. Oh shit… not another friggin... [ more]


Many of you may recall in December I stated my 2011 goals and one of them was moving into an office. Well, last week was my first week in my new office and I LOVED it! I managed to squeeze 3 full days (8am-2pm) into the new place and separating work from home was much easier to do! It also gave me the... [ more]


If you live in the state of Illinois, you are about to get (or may already have) the same kind of welcome letter us NC residents got last year… Sorry, your Affiliate Account may soon be terminated. The state has passed the same nexus affiliate laws that others like Colorado and North Carolina have... [ more]


Another year has passed already and we are ready for 2011… wow, time sure does fly! In this Niche Store Builder article, I wanted to do a quick round-up of how we fared toward our 2010 goals, and try to give you a brief understanding of what you may see from me in 2011. 2010 at the Niche Store... [ more]


The end of the year is upon us already! I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season, and also wish you the best in the new year. I have a few website build projects I am finishing up between now and Dec 31st, but will probably try to spend as much time as I can away from work. Kim and I have several... [ more]


Not sure how many of you still pour yourselves into the ePN system. I decided to jump back into it over the Holidays this year (started planning in August) and with the help of a few highly targeted Niche Web Sites, in addition to the sites running the Keywords to Websites plugin, ROCKED THE HOUSE! Yeah... [ more]


It’s that time of year when we have to look back and remember all the good things that got us up to today. Two of the biggest things that helped us turn this into a great year was our dedicated writer Rob, and you… the readers. As many of you recall, Kim entered a contest, kind of accidentally…... [ more]


Keywords to Websites, the very popular site builder from Mark Wielgus… is getting another update this week! If you have followed along since the beginning, you know Mark has been steadily adding new features every month and the last two updates have brought us Shopzilla, a great price comparison... [ more]


Since the last update to All In One SEO Plugin for WordPress, it has literally taken over the dashboard! I realize that the AIOSEO columns were added for a GREAT reason and it lets you see “at a glance” which pages or posts you need to complete the SEO process for, but it literally takes... [ more]