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4 New WordPress Plugins from Ben Johnson!

I gotta say, every time I spy a post fly into my reader from Ben Johnson for the last few months, it’s generally filled with a new product he has either built himself, or found that works great! Today is no different…

According to Ben, he was building out some content on his huge Halloween push and just couldn’t find an easy way to get the affiliate offers from the different networks into his post content. Instead of digging around, he simply created his own! Kick ass dude! LOL

(Disclaimer: I have not used these, and am not affiliated with – I just want to make sure you all find them!)

  1. CJ – Commission Junction Plugin For WordPress
  2. Avantlink – WordPress Plugin
  3. Linkshare – WordPress Plugin
  4. Overstock – The Plugin For WordPress

You can read more about why he made them directly from Ben, or learn more about the plugins directly from his plugin site, Wizard Plugins.

If you have used any of them – share the news and tell us about them!


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