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6 Simple Ways to Drive More Organic Search Traffic

After writing about one of my own sites traffic trends earlier this week, I got several emails about how I was able to drive organic search traffic to the site, and reach +5000 daily pageviews on what is supposed to be an affiliate type site. I thought the questions were great and wanted to follow up with a post that may help everyone!

Six Quick and Easy Ways to Drive More Organic Search Traffic

As you read through this list, keep in mind that organic search traffic does not come overnight! While some of the methods will have an instant impact, others may take days, weeks, or even months to come into play. The important part is that by doing these simple things, you will gradually increase your own sites popularity and authority over time, and have long term benefits that continue to give back for years to come!

1 – Establish what the Page is About by Linking to Other Authoritative Sites!

Face it, your site is still up and coming, and entering a field where there may already be several authority websites in existence! Instead of trying to hoard all that traffic to yourself, help your visitors by making sure they have access to other pages that may provide a complete solution!

As you write your post or page, provide links to a few of the already-ranking sites that show up in search engine results. You not only provide a better visitor experience, but you instantly tell the search engines more information about your own page, so they know exactly how to position your content in search results.

2 – Link to Semi-Vertical Content within your Content!

While nobody likes to link directly to their competitors, you can just as easily link to semi-vertical websites and get just as much, if not more of a benefit! By Semi-Vertical websites, I am talking about the websites that are also interested in your topic, just not directly! For instance, if you have a site that reviews car seats for infants, you may not want to link directly to a manufacturer or e-commerce site. Instead, you can easily find a blog about Child Safety, and within your post, stress the importance of safety, linking to the blog with authority on the subject.

3 – Pay Attention to What Your Readers Already Like!

Your existing traffic is by far the best source of new traffic! By reviewing your logs and learning what is already popular on your website, you can extrapolate the topic and get much more detailed, interlinking your individual topics together on your own site! This is just like a store… when the management knows that buyers are coming in for the bargains on XYZ Product, they make it a point to have all the other products that compliment that product, in the same area! “You may also like…”

4 – Write at Least 1 Top List or Tip List Every Week!

Top Lists, or Tip Lists are one of the easiest ways to get more traffic and steady back links to your website! They generate buzz in the community and people just like to read them! In most cases, they can be quick and easy to write and also provide you with additional topics for more posts! If you find yourself struggling to find things to write about, you can check out 30 Blog Post Ideas to Keep your Content Rolling.

5 – Connect & Socialize, Every Chance You Get!

If you don’t already use Facebook, Twitter, BlogCatalog, or any of the social networks out there, start today! Not only will you help spread the word about your own topics, you will meet new people or connect with old friends along the way. Friends always recommend other friends! :-)

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that web browsers and search engine cookies don’t track the sites almost every user visits. Every visit to your website, whether it was search driven or not, is tracked by one search engine metric or another!

6 – Engage your Visitors and Ask for Feedback and Backlinks!

If you can close off almost every one of your site posts with a question that gets your readers to respond, you not only increase the on page content over time, you increase the overall stickiness of your website! The more time a user spends on your site, the more pages they will eventually browse to, and the more often search engines come back to re-index the pages! :-)

It also never hurts to actually ask your readers to link to your posts! After all, if they liked it, some of their own network of friends may like it too!

Share Some of the Other Ways You Increase Search Traffic on Your own Sites

We all love hearing about the different strategies everyone uses to drive search traffic, what are some of yours? If you enjoyed this post, I encourage you to tweet about it, or link back within your own network of friends!

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