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Back to Basics – How to Add a Video to Your WordPress Post or Page

Many of you said you liked the last Back to Basics post on What is an RSS Reader, so I thought I would dip back into that pool of things that some of you may not know about and shy away from, because you think its too hard to do. I mean, even though it comes easy to some, it may not be so easy for others.

No use debating the fact that video is AWESOME for your review sites and readers LOVE them! So lets add one!

How to Add a Youtube Video to a WordPress post or Page

First, the easiest way to add a Youtube Clip to your WordPress site is with a plugin. You will find several Youtube plugins at the WP repository, but over the years of using them I always seem to go back to the same one… Smart Youtube.

  1. Login to your WordPress administration.
  2. Navigate to the Plugins Area and Choose Add New.
  3. Type Smart Youtube into the search box and click on search
  4. Install the Smart Youtube plugin.

Configuring the plugin is stupid-simple.

  1. Go to the Settings > Smart Youtube option screen
  2. Adjust any settings you may want to change (I only change the dimensions and colors to match my site)
  3. I set autoplay to OFF
  4. I Clear the checkbox for video link in rss feed (makes people click to me versus straight to youtube)
  5. ADD a check to the box for video preview image in rss feed.


Adding a Video to Your Post or Page

This is where it gets really easy and the main reason I have always come back to this plugin. As you write your post or page, you just copy the URL of the Youtube video… paste it into your post, and add the letters below to the url.

Original URL of video below:

By adding a single or 2 letters to your url, the video shows automatically!

  • httpv:// – shows regular video
  • httpvh:// – shows high quality video
  • httpvhd:// – shows HD quality video
  • httpvp:// – shows a playlist

So – when I paste the url and add a vh after the http, I get:

Weezer Pork and Beans – Hot Clip!

Using it On Your own Site

So… we already know people LOVE videos and they LOVE top lists. Instead of a boring old top 10 list, spice it up with something like the “Top 10 ________ Videos on YouTube” within your niche market. If you get into the habit of doing it regularly, you can create new mashups each week, and invite a whole new group of visitors to your site!

What plugin do you use for showing Youtube on your site?

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