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Google Now Using Speed as a Ranking Factor

Matt Cutts announced on this on his blog Friday, and you can also read more at the Google Webmaster blog… Google now uses your websites Speed as a metric in how its ranked in search results… In other words, speed up your site, or we won’t send you traffic!

While Google says that this change affects less than 1% of the websites “It’s customers visit”, that’s quite a lot!

One other interesting thing this new “Speed Metric for Google” brings up, is that you MUST subscribe to Webmaster Tools in order to have any visibility to what Google thinks of your site.

It is what is it is folks…

Update: I have spent the last 30-60 minutes looking at various sites and seeing WHY they are failing to meet the speed metric by big G.

Test your site at: Pingdon Speed Test, and it will return a list of EVERY file being accessed and served by your site, including those causing the speed bottleneck.

As I optimize a few sites, I will update a new post on ways to speed up a site.

The Speed Target

That bold red line that separates good from bad, follows all other trends in the Google algo… and they don’t tell you exactly what it is!

In other words… your PAGE has to have a minimum of at least ________ ms response time, or we will penalize it! Remember this is not only a site penalty, its a page penalty.

Every Site I Own Needs to Be Sped up!

I added several sites to GWT over the last month when I first heard this was coming around… EVERY site, across 4 different servers, needs to be optimized!

On one newer site, which is very slim… GWT says:

Performance overview

On average, pages in your site take 2.9 seconds to load (updated on April 6, 2010). This is faster than 58% of sites.

However, my site is still in the pink/red zone of the chart and needs to be further optimized!


Google Caffeine Update has NOT YET Rolled out!

Search engine land had an interesting read on this speed thing – but the last sentence of the article says something I thought occurred LONG AGO… the Google Caffeine Update

One last note: Google says this ranking change has no relation to its upcoming Caffeine rollout, which is about how Google indexes the web, not how it ranks pages.

How do your sites make out in the Google speed test?

Next… I am going to post  ways you can optimize your site to load faster, and we can all try to hit the magic bullet of _____ ms load time! I assume its below 2 milliseconds.

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