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I Finally Did It… and You Can Too!

Today… after 8-9 years of a mutually beneficial, and not always friendly relationship… I have separated myself from using Google as my default search engine, and while the new engine may not be perfect, I have found it to be better, and easier to use, more often. I may choose to switch back one day… but for now, my search business has moved elsewhere.

I Quit Using Google Search for Now!

Why, you ask? The results since the Mayday and Caffeine update…  well, the search results kinda suck!

  • It takes 2-3 searches to find anything relevant, when the search is longer than 3-4 words! 3 Months ago, the results were VERY exact!
  • Adwords are starting to dominate the “Relevant Results” on search results pages. Try viewing a Google serp on a 1024×768 screen!
  • The Google Caffeine Mashup and Sidebar is VERY Unfriendly to Webmasters (Google seems to prefer keeping the visitors on THEIR site now)
  • Google now reminds me more of a Mahalo Mashup site, than a search engine.

My answer… Bing. I know… don’t laugh, Bing is actually kind of refreshing right now though!

I started using Bing for actual product and information searches last month in a side by side type format… to compare the results. As much as I hate to see Google the search engine go away, they just lost a user. I still use gmail and love the email service and will continue to use the igoogle dashboard as my desktop for now… but if it too becomes overwhelmed with ads and starts taking MY choices and injecting their own, it will go away also.

I made the hard choice and set my browser(s) search pages to Bing in July, and haven’t looked back.

How to change the default search engine in your browser:

Not Trying to Start A Movement… but…

This video is kick-ass whether for ANYTHING! Just a great motivator…

Have you Tried Bing Today? If so, what have you found?

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