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Making a Blog Easier to Navigate

Thank you all for the feedback on this website! I have come to realize that my blog categories are just crap, and they need to be much more in tune with what this site is all about, Niche Store Building and Marketing of Niche Websites.

With that in mind, I am have renamed a few of the existing categories and added a few additional categories, with the hope of making this site easier to navigate!

The first thing I wanted to do before changing any categories was to find the dreaded SEO implications of doing so. Would my pages need redirects? Can I change the category slug or permalink? I ended up over at BlogHerald and a post written by Larelle VanFossen, How to help bloggers with useless categories. After reading the post, it made perfect sense that I HAD to change them… I feel kinda dumb for having so many irrelevant categories in a site focused on building niche websites and niche marketing! Ultimately, I decided on a set of new categories (listed below) and now I just needed to figure out the best way to handle the indexing issue. In other words, if I change the category name and search engines have already indexed the old one, how do I deal with the 404 issue/penalty?

Instead of worrying about keeping the old category names, I decided I would just a redirect any 404 pages that pop up over the next 2 weeks using a wordpress redirect plug-in by John Godley (Link is currently pulling a blank page – hopefully temporary) Essentially, EVERY time a 404 (Page not found) is generated, it is logged in the redirect manager section of my admin and I can go research why it happened! Whether you change your categories ro not, I recommend using this plug-in!

So… I have my list of new categories and I have my redirect manager in place, here is the list of new categories for this site! If you can think of another that should be here, please let me know and I will consider adding it!

New Niche Store Builder Categories

  • Blog
  • Spot the Niche
  • Niche Site Research Tools
  • Discover and Research your Niche
  • Domains for Niche Websites
  • Affiliate Partners for Niche Sites
  • Niche Store Software and Hosting
  • Search Optimization of Niche Websites
  • Build a Niche Store MOD’s
  • Marketing Your Niche Store
  • Building Niche Site Templates
  • Maintenance of a Niche Website
  • Niche Store Best Practices
  • Niche Store Builder Contests
  • Niche Site Reviews
  • Step by Step Niche Stores
  • Featured Niche Store Review
  • Recommended Reading
  • Everything Else

You will likely see most of these categories already listed on the right side menu, the rest will become active as I go through all of the posts each day and re-categorize them. (That’s a task!)

Anyhow – I just wanted to let you all know I am listening to your needs and trying to make this site as good as it can be, based on visitor needs.

Please feel free to make any recommendations.


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