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Shoemoney Exposes Himself in Public!

I don’t know how many of you follow along with Jeremy at his Shoemoney blog, but if you don’t… its well worth the 5 minutes it takes to subscribe to his RSS or email list! Last night, I had the pleasure of being invited to the first “Shoebinar” which was hosted by Jeremy and Jason Henderson of Big Marketing, and even though it ran from 9-11:30 ET, it was probably the best 2+ hours I have spent in months… OK, except for 2 hours of every day on the Caribbean trip with Kim last month! :-) As soon as I get the recorded webinar link… I will post it up for all of you to go watch if you are interested.

7 Things I learned from Jeremy at the Shoebinar!

1 –  Don’t Build a Blog Just to Make Money!

Even though we want to make some fat cash like them… Making Money on your blog, may or may not, be a result of the passion you put into your blog posts and the content you deliver to your readers!If you build it for the sole purpose of getting rich… you will find that the guys with passion will win almost every time!

2 – Forget about SEO and Build your Content for your Readers, Not Search Engines!

One of the things Jeremy drove home several times was… If you rely on Google for Traffic, you have ALREADY failed with your site efforts! Once again, build your site for the readers… network with other people in the same niche, and if Google or other search engines like you… again, its just a secondary benefit to your readers liking you first!

3 – Be Prepared to Fail before you Succeed!

Jeremy did not hit a home run as soon as he built his site and started blogging! It took him several years of trial, error and yes, many failed attempts, to finally find a niche that actually came to him, versus seeking it out!The biggest thing that made it different, was that he actually built the site for himself and the readers first, and although the gears were in place, the money came to him… not the other way around!

4 –  Blogging can be VERY Profitable!

Jeremy shared some of his revenue numbers with us during the Shoebinar! This year… his main blog, which is really just about him… is on pace to gross $750k! He rarely participates in any kind of affiliate offers, and most of his income is derived from ad sales! Again proving the concept that good content and engaged readers can be the one thing that pushes your site to the top!

5 – People Dig and Click on Hot Chick Avatars

Jeremy said that he will ALWAYS Click on a Hot Chick Avatar – if you came here today from Jeremy’s site… chances are, you do the same! :-)

6 – If Blogging on Your own Site is a Hard Task – This May not be For you!

Do you wake up every day and have a hard time figuring out what to blog about? If so… you may just lack the passion or relationship with your readers to succeed in your chosen niche!Blogging on your own site should be the easiest thing you do EVERY day! And yes… posting should be daily, or at least on a regular schedule, so people know what to expect from you!

7 – Most Importantly – Don’t Be Afraid to Be Yourself!

I really have to say – the one main thing that hit home the hardest for me, was that Jeremy is just a regular guy… with a wife, kids, and an everyday life of ups and downs! His just appears better because he earns some bank with it! He started out blogging as a simple way to share his life and efforts with others, and due to the passion he puts into his posts and the relationship he built with his readers, the rest just came to him!

I truly think this is the one main area I need to work at changing in myself. Up until last night, I thought it was best to stay on the professional and sterile side of the way I present myself on this blog and a few others I write on. I rarely show my true personality on this site… and truthfully, it may not be welcome to everyone… but hell, it is what it is right?!

My writing persona can come across as dry and boring… even I know that… and it is the first thing I am going to change, starting today!

If any of you follow me on Twitter you may have read the 25 things about Me post I put on Facebook a few months ago. I am going to repost it here later today… just to share more info about me!

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