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US Gov’t Has Started Seizing Websites

Wow… what else can be said about this, or this?

While some people will say things like:

  • This only effects file sharing sites
  • The sites were selling counterfeit goods
  • These were sites misrepresenting the products
  • etc…

Where does it stop?

If I have an affiliate site that promotes the sale of Coach Handbags (Notice that several coach domains were seized) is it in jeopardy?

Looking at the list of domains that were seized, it reaches into all markets:

  • Golf
  • Fashion
  • NFL Merchandise
  • DVD’s and Video
  • Watches… and much more

Check your Domains… make sure you don’t step on any trademarked brands, or you m ay find yourself at the ass-end of a $250,000 fine!

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