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Weekly Wrapup of Some Great Content!

Once again – I am going to try and write a weekly wrapup post that reviews some of my own content, and that which I read during the week at other sites.

If nothing more – it gives me a chance to get some of my own content back in front of you, as well as giving you some insight to what I read every week.

Weekly Wrapup

In case you missed it, I added 2 posts this week! One post was about How to Use Google Insights to research trends for your product based review site, helping you understand the best times of year to focus on different sub-markets within your niche.

The other article I wrote this week focused on Tools and Plugins for Affiliates that will help make your site building an easier process!

In other news, I also achieved a milestone this past week of being accepted and listed on the bloggting page at alltop, by Guy Kawasaki!

One last note about me… 50,379. That’s my Alexa Rating as I write this! In the coming week, I hope to crest the 50k mark and work my way higher in the ranking! If you want to help… just go on over to My Alexa Profile!

Interesting Stuff Around the Web

– Bill, over at the Blog Entrepreneur site has been writing a VERY interesting series of articles about his $100k Niche Site, where he has picked apart one of his sites, and looked at it from the perspective of just how much money he is leaving on the table in the market!

It’s a great read and reminds all of us how just a little extra effort into one site versus 20, can make a HUGE difference!

– If you can fathom this… Comscore released its search data this past week… 29 Million Searches per Minute! That’s flippin HUGE!

– It’s just MY opinion, but I think the story of 2010 is not going to revolve around a product, health care, or any Massachusetts Republican who bucks the trend of the voting public.

In my opinion – Google Waging War Against Communist China will one day be in history books… just like Paul Revere riding into town screaming the British are Coming!

Finally – if you have an hour or two to kill – Google published a Quiz for Webmasters to see just how much they know, versus thinking they know! Its 40 questions of both common and technical Q&A.

Did You Read Anything Good this Week?

If so – share it in the comments!

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